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13 July 2008


One of these days I'll figure out how to make Sunday a "do nothing" day! One of these days...like when the boys are all in college and I don't have laundry and breakfast and errands...(LOL) DH & I got up and did our payday running for the month. Glad I only have to get out once a month for that crud! I don't do crowds well, & it was getting stoopid in that store - that's what I get for thinkin everyone was in church!

I'm gonna play with some new scrapbook papers & composition books that I picked up...see what I can come up with. I've also got some "dud" CDs on hand, too. May have to post some pix later of more goodies that I have available - cards, journals, framed stitchin, that sort of thing. I've had an altered file folder project that I've been wanting to try & I've still got some embroidery projects calling to me. (LOL) Wow! Just thinking about doing all that is making me tired! Oh, well, I'll figure it out...always do! ;-)

Before I forget...a BIG thanks to everyone that surfed & snagged the pretty freebies I posted links for the other day. I enjoy doing that & these gals definitely deserve the attention - they're incredible!

Have a great rest of your day!

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BlueRose said...

Thank you sis for the info for the DSO party. I had loads of fun. Keep up the great work.

Luv ya sis

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