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05 July 2008

Can't sleep

It's almost 2am here in Utah and I'm having a tough time getting to sleep...yes, I'm tired. Exhausted really. I'm always tired after chasing the boys around all day. Maybe it's because DH is out on the road & won't be home till Sunday late, maybe it's...oh, bother! I don't know WHAT it is, but I know tomorrow I'm gonna be walking around in a fog!

We had a good 4th, even though we didn't do the fireworks thing this year. I decided for safety reasons that trying to play with fire and watch 3 boys was just too much for this lady to handle. We had an early supper & after letting them throw boxes of Poppers at each other (& cleaning up the mess afterward), I took them to Sonic for ice cream. On the way home, the fireworks shows that are annual events around here began. We were surrounded: behind us there were fireworks around Hill Air Force Base, off to the Southeast was the show at Lagoon, then off to the West was Layton High School. Traffic as we got toward the house was insane, the people that went to Layton High to see the show had started fighting for parking spaces around 530 & from Gordon Avenue up to King's parking lot, there wasn't a spot to be had down Ft Lane. We arrived safely at home & the boys went straight to the back deck for the remainder of the show at the High School. I must admit, it was spectacular. The Big Ones kept booming, one after another, & I could feel them vibrating through the house. What a sensation.

I did manage to get some crafting done today. I put together some Christmas cards (a little too contemporary for me, but they're pretty) - still need to do some stamping on them & they'll be ready to present to the world. I made 2 mini journals last week out of the same paper that I used for my oldest son's book & I finished them today. I think they turned out rather nicely.

altered mini composition book with ribbon, epoxy stickers, & swirl clip embellishments

altered mini composition book with ribbon & epoxy sticker embellishments

I have some embroidered pillows that I'd like to try & post later on...we'll see how the day progresses. Thanks for looking & have a terrific Saturday!

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