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24 July 2008

A Solemn Day

Today is a busy day for me. I'm beginning the tear-out on my bathroom this weekend, since we have a holiday & DH has taken 2 days off. Not only did I get my recipe cards finished for the swap I'm in, but I managed to make 10 altered composition books.

I'll post them some other day, because what I'm putting up here today, doesn't need any competition. It deserves it's own spot. Some folks know her, some do not. I'm in the latter category. I came to know about her through the sad news spreading this week through the digital scrapping world. Jazzy is an amazingly strong woman, but could really use your help right now. She's been caring for the last 14 yrs for a grandson that should have died at 2 but didn't. Authorities tried removing him from her home, but she fought them and won. A few months ago, she lost her daughter, her grandson's mother, and the other day, she said goodbye to her grandson.

I'm sorry to say that I missed posting the fundraiser at DSO on Monday. You can still go there to offer condolences and donations (www.digiscrapobsession.com/shop) AND you can go to Michelle McCoy's CraftyScraps (http://www.shopcraftyscraps.com/) for her sale. 100% of the money brought in is going to Jazz. Here's her ad:

I believe Cen's Loft is having a sale, too & if she is, I'll post links to her site.

Have a great rest of your day!


Sharron said...

Thanks for letting us know about this, Sis...........a very sad day indeed. I didn't know her but knew of her through my blogging ventures.
Hugs & prayers going out to her.

BlueRose said...

It has been just heart breaking when I read the post. I was so happy to help her out. I told everyone not to say a work to Hubie he will kill me if he knew what I spent.

Thnx sis for the post I thought that the sale was for one day. I will have to go back and check some more. I hope that my store takes off or I will have to back to work..LOL LOL LOL that is no joke...bwahahahaha

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