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18 November 2008

I WANT this room!!!

If the National economy wasn't totally in the tank right now, I'd be saving up for this, instead of saving for those "no commission days" that DH is currently anticipating right around the corner. THIS is what I want my crafting room (aka the She-cave) to look like. I love how well organized this space is! I love the undercabinet task lights so you can see what you're doing! The worktable space {sigh}! I would make the yellow a bit lighter on the walls, or maybe go with a soft denim/periwinkle blue instead, but...oh, WOW! This room is totally ME!!! I even love that little blue lamp by the window!

(LOL) Actually, the room belongs to this lady, Cindy, co-owner of ScrapnCube. I'm SO jealous of her!

But, hey, I can still dream & make my wish list! Maybe next year I'll buy from Cindy so I have that perfect space to craft...for now, I'll just have to be content with the basics of my relocation project (I'm going back downstairs to my original cave, now that the little one isn't so needy). I miss my 13'x13' space with my white lilac bush right outside the window -- I've been in this 8.5'x10' room upstairs for 6yrs now & everything is so cramped and cluttered (no pix of it...EVER...it's too embarrassing!). I'm ready to take the old room back. My middle son will move up here after I get rid of the "light butter" color on the walls, of course ("Mom, it's too girly!"), my oldest son will stay downstairs in another room (he's in MY room right now), and once I repaint (the tan & green HAVE to go!) and put in a few "get me by" cubbies, that space will be mine again. No more tripping over things stored in the floor...no more packed worktops. No more working in the kitchen at the table (I remember the deal, Babe). I can't wait!!!
The work starts after Thanksgiving, according to DH (now that it's colder and he can't ride the Harley all day, every day, there's time to do stuff around the house - it's the one of the biggest reasons I love winter in Utah). I'll show some before and after pix of the new space...promise!
Have a great rest of your day!!

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