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13 November 2008

I've been given an award

Thanks to Kat for this award. I'm supposed to name 7 things that I love...lemme see...
1. My Saviour without whom I couldn't do anything!
2. My Hubby, who works so hard to allow me to stay home (thank you, Hon!)
3. My 3 boys ~ you drive me to distraction some days, but I wouldn't trade a minute of it
4. Friends ~~ my cup runneth over
5. My soon-to-be-relocated She-cave (bwah-ha-ha-ha!)
6. My ability to create in so many different ways (thank You Lord)
7. Having time to create for friends and family

Now I'm supposed to give this to 7 bloggers that I feel are worthy. I have so many that I get a kick out of reading on a daily basis. This may require some thought...I'll have to come back & post this part later.

Have a great rest of your day!


BlueRose said...

Well I love your new look and thanks for picking up your award...Congrats to you sis...

Luv's sissie

Calv said...

Thanks Nora for introducing me to your blog, and also for the eaward. Glad you like my ramblings, and of course the fruit lol. Nice to meet you. :)

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