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16 November 2008

I'm a Whipper Snapper!

(LOL) Seriously. I got turned onto these by Di the other day. I was looking through one of her posts & saw this darling little snowman (he looked SO familiar to me). I couldn't put my finger on it till I went wandering through the link she provided...it's Shelly Comiskey!! One of my favorite artists over at PC Crafter. I had NO IDEA that they were turning her art into stamps. Check it out!
Here's the stamped image:

And here's the PC Crafter graphic:

How cute is that?!? If you're interested in Shelly's work, check out PC Crafter for the clip art graphics or Whipper Snapper Designs for the stamps.

I also found a stamp designer that fills my love of Holly Hobbie (remember her?). I ADORE Holly! I had her rag dolls, a lunchbox, a tea set...Heck, my first sewing machine was a Holly Hobbie when I was 8 (that sucker really worked, too. I used to make my Barbie's clothes on that thing!). My sister had Heather, so we were always having parties in the backyard on the quilt my great gramma stitched for me with those dolls. Until my sister realized that Mother wanted her to be a girl & not a tomboy...at that point she went to the Ken dolls while I played with Barbie. I got Fashion Plates for Christmas & she got the Monster Makers version (thanks to our late Aunt Paula - Mother wasn't about to spend her money on "something so stupid" for us girls).

Sorry about that...went off on a small tangent there...anyway, I was reading a Craft Critique newsletter that discussed the European stamp makers & their increasing popularity in the States. The stamp designer is Sarah Kay and I'm sure that some of you have heard of her, but she's new to me & I adore her work. You can find her at Stampavie. They're also bringing another PC Crafter artist, Leere' Aldrich, to their stamping collection - I think her Ooh La La graphics line would translate well into stamped images. A bit too contemporary for my tastes, but for those that love the Hanna Stamps, they will adore Leere's work.

That's it for me. I have my youngest son's head cold (thank you, Sweetie) so I'm headin back to bed -- no voice, stuffy noggin, my raw, red nose could rival Rudolph's, & a sore throat that feels like I swallowed sandpaper. Off to make some more hot apple cider & toast! Have a great rest of your day!!

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Andrea said...

I love how Shelley's artwork is in both digital and stamp form. Sorry to hear you're under the weather - but I guess we teach kids to share and they don't quite understand we don't mean to share their sniffly nose LOL

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