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11 November 2008

Monday wasn't much better!

OY! I don't dare ask "What's next?"...I may not like the answer! (ROFL) Good grief! I left my middle son at home yesterday afternoon, so I could take my youngest to Kindergarten. Probably should have just stayed home!

I get my little guy settled into class, walk out to my car in the frog-floating rain, get into my car...nothing. No indicator lights, no interior lights, no battery signal. Everything's gone, except for this weird scrolling thing that the odometer's doing. I call AAA (thank goodness for RV Plus, right?) - can't get to me for at least 2hrs. So I call DH & tell him what's going on. He leaves work to come give me a jump (he's comission sales & with the way the economy is right now, leaving is like walking away from money).

While I'm waiting for him to show up, my cell phone rings - it's the furnace guy, he's sitting out in front of my house & wondering if I can let him in. I call my son & tell him to show the guy where the furnace is so he can get started...just as I lose the juice to my phone. DH shows up, we wrestle the cables onto the battery posts (who puts batteries in these cars anyway? Japanese contortionists?!?), get it jumped off, let it run for a bit, then go home. DH drops me to deal with the furnace guy while he runs over to Checker Auto to make sure it's not something hugely expensive, like the alternator or worse.

Furnace guy says system may be on its last leg, but he's got a few things we can try to get us one or two yrs down the road. OK, Skippy, give it a whirl! DH comes home with a new battery & starts replacing it, while furnace guy tries out a relay control box & a gas valve with no success. He thinks that it might be a ceramic-covered pilot switch, but he doesn't have one to put in & test, so he's gonna go pick one up, go to an appointment in Brigham City (1hr north of me), then come back. He says that we'll have heat for the night & he won't leave till we do. Okaaay...well, we still don't have the battery seated in the truck, but the cables are on & the truck runs AND it's time to pick up the kids from school. So I go get them, furnace guy leaves, and DH returns old battery for credit. Get back home & spend an hour standing upside down under the hood of my truck with DH trying to get these anchor posts to hook down the sides of the battery, inside this thermal covering, and UNDER the platform the battery sits on. Every time we get one side locked down, the other side comes up! (grrr!) Finally get it locked down, come inside, get the kids settled with homework, and start supper.

Furnace guy shows up around 615p with the part that he thinks might be the trouble. Spends 2hrs to find out that, no, it's just a 15yr old crappy furnace that's finally died a painful death. So he leaves us with 2 heavy duty space heaters to keep us warm overnight, and today, since 10am, I've had 2 gents here ripping out the old unit and working on installing the new one. They're about 1/3 of the way through the project...it's gonna be a long afternoon. Guess I'm gonna make me & the little one some lunch and try to get a bit of crafting done. When DH gets home, I need to go in search of a new car charger for my cell phone - seems that replacing the battery killed the poor thing. {sigh} Oh, well!

Have a great rest of your day!


Deb M. said...

Sounds like your life is hectic. Hope today is much better for you. :o)


BlueRose said...

Congratulation to you Nora I have a award over at my blog for ya, just come on over and pick it up...

Luv's Kat

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