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14 November 2008

My 7 picks for....

the award that Kat gave me yesterday. The rules were to name 7 things that I love. Check! Did that part yesterday. AND name 7 blogs that I love to visit & post links to them. Geez, there are so many out there that I really enjoy reading & gaining knowledge from on a daily basis. I love the tutorials, and inspiration that so many freely share. (I hope that I've been inspirational to someone...boy, wouldn't that be a blessing?!?) Seven of 'em, huh? All righty, let's do this:

1. Ree at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - she is my daily "Okie fix" &, man oh man, can this gal tell a story! If you haven't read her "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: A Love Story," you need to hurry up and fix yourself a cuppa then settle in for a bit. Totally worth your time! Also make sure to check out her cookin section for some killer recipes and tips.

2. AJ at Audrey Jeanne's Expressions - I've been following this lady since she was an artist at DAISIE Company. She's moved over to Aimee Asher Elite during the summer, but her blog...OMGosh, talk about inspiration! She never has an unkind thing to say about anyone or anything, and her unyielding faith has been graciously uplifting to so many of my friends. You've got to check her out!

3. My GF, Jenn, at Just Jenn Designz - she's not a prolific blogger, but when she posts something, it knocks your socks completely off. She has so much talent, that I'm amazed the girl hasn't exploded! (ROFL)

4. Calv at Mishaps in the Making - gotta love his Brittish sense of humour! I came across his blog very recently, but I've been going through his old posts, and all I can say is...WOW!! He definitely qualifies for inspirational. His "fruit inkings" & posted results are an absolute riot!

5. Kristine at Wenchd Grafix - can't leave out the gal that has been my Dork Dancin fix for the last year, now can I? Without her good-natured guidance, I wouldn't be "Da Pimp" and able to do hyperlinks, not to mention that wicked sense of humor that has me hidin my Pepsi to keep from sprayin my monitor when I read her day-to-days!

6. Diana of Stampin with Di - it's because of Di & her quirky sense of humor that I sought out & started purchasing Stampin Up! products. She really can make the most of a simple stamp and you can tell in her posts that she really has FUN doing what she does. She's also turned me into a Whipper Snapper (ROFL) & I'll explain THAT in tomorrow's post!

7. Angie of Chic n' Scratch - the OTHER reason I started purchasing Stampin Up! This lady has to have some of THE BEST video tutorials for papercrafting in the blogging community. I'm constantly amazed and in awe after watching her. She definitely inspires you to grab your supplies & get craftin!

Well, those are my 7. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
Have a great rest of your day!


.: Kristine :. said...

Aw!!! Thanks so much Nora!!! That is so very sweet!!! Haaving arough day today so this just perked me right up!!! :D


Angie said...

Thanks for the award!! I appreciate your kind words :)

Just Jenn Designz said...

Hey Nora. Just stopping by say "thanks" for the blog award. I am so honored that you thought of me. It's wonderful to have online friends like you :)

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