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15 January 2010

A Few Pics...no crafting today

I think my blood sugar is even lower than it normally is. I woke up SUPER tired today, felt pretty muzzy-headed and listless all day & even after a nap around 5pm and a good supper, I still have a raging headache that seems to be concentrated in one particular spot on the top of my head at the moment (earlier today it was across the back of my head).

I sure didn't feel like crafting like I started out this morning, but I am going through my embroidery pattern file cabinet to take a break from playing with paper - I'll let ya know what I decide on later. For now, I wanted to show you some pictures that I took out in my yard this afternoon...

We've had some pretty heavy fog the last couple of evenings, but last night's was the worst. It actually lingered till almost 1pm this afternoon. That's when I ventured out into the yard. You can see the fog line as it lifts against the mountains.
That's what I see every day when I open my front door - it's nice & it's NEVER the same view twice. I've looked at the Wasatch Mountains every day since April of 1997 and have never been disappointed - even when there's inversion. I mean, LOOK at what God gave to us!

So I took a few minutes & decided to give myself a little perspective, which I think He wanted me to have. This tree is on the south side of my house and you can see the sun just breaking through the clouds to give the promise of warmth. If you'll look closely, you can see what drew me outside today...
The fog left a PRESENT! It was so cold and the fog was so heavy with moisture, there were ice crystals on all of the trees & bushes. They were AMAZING to look at up close!This is a small sapling in my front yard and this is as close as I could get to the crystals without the images getting blurry (made me wish I had one of those light-filtering, high-powered zoom lenses attached to a camera that could handle it). My little KODAK Easy Share did well enough. I just LOVE how they look like crystallized thorns on the branch.They made some of the bushes in my yard look like they were budding out...And then, after school my oldest son, Cordell, wanted to show me something. He didn't want me to get upset, because he KNOWS how I am about what he did...YES, the boy DREW ON HIMSELF with red & black ultra fine markers. He's come home "doodled up" before, which is WHY he knew I wouldn't be pleased. And I wasn't - he should have been paying attention in class; he should have been writing in his composition books and taking notes; NOT drawing on himself.

So, after a long, deep breath, I recalled The Lord's lesson today on perspectives and looked....REALLY LOOKED at what he'd done. The artist in me was in AWE. There's no disputing it - the kid's got skills. It was stunning and the thought that he put into the piece was remarkable. NO ONE can tell me that kids with ADHD are lazy or thoughtless. Scattered, yes...disorganized, DEFINITELY...lazy, no...thoughtless, ARE YOU CRAZY?!? I broke down into a diagram below exactly WHAT he did & I think you'll be as surprised as I was.
{if you right click the photo & choose Open in a New Window, you can get a better look}

I made him keep it till Chris came home and had a chance to see it. He tsked over the fact that Cordell drew on himself again. Said, "It's nice, Son, but is that REALLY how you should spend your time in school?," then he left for his usual Friday night activities. He called me about 5 minutes later & said, "Please, please, PLEASE, tell me you took pix and recorded that! There's gonna be a day that he wants to make that real & I don't want a single detail left out!" *ROFL* BIKERS! Yes, I took pictures. I even had him lay his arm on my scanner bed to get the actual dimensions...I'm no dummy...I know art when I see it...even if it's in the form of graffiti.

Thank you, Lord...got your message, loud and clear. I love You, too.

Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!


Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Wow! What a beautiful message from the Lord............from the beautiful ice crystals to the beautiful artwork your son displayed on himself. Our kids will always amaze us..............and I'm glad.
Thanks for sharing with us. And I'm glad to see that Chris "got it" after letting it sink into his head. Cordell is quite a good artist.
Luv ya ~

Hugz~Dixie said...

Love the crystals too, especially the spikey one. Cordell is quite the artist. Wonder what he would do with other mediums.

Vicki (basement stamper) said...

Beautiful snowy pics hun!! TFS! HUGS

charlene aka scrappygma said...

Love the pictures and your son sure seems to have an artistic side to him....wonder where he gets that from ! Big hugs and take care you

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