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20 January 2010

I'm crafting again...

...but taking a bit of a break from paper, stamps, cards, and inks. I've gone back to my very first craft ~~ hand embroidery. My great gramma taught me how to do this craft at the tender age of 6 & I've always loved "stitchin" things up. Some peices I put in frames, others end up as quilt blocks or pillows. Chris carries a piece of stitched muslin in his vest pocket when he's on his motorcycle that says "families are forever." Not really sure what I'm going to do with these two, though...Maybe I could stitch up a couple more & fuse them onto a shopping tote with some cotton laces & patchwork. They're pretty similar in color, so it could work & be really cute. Here's a close-up of the flutterby - it's a variegated floss on tea-stained muslin & I'm just a sucker for French Knots. I once made a pillow case in the 9th grade that had 144 of those lil babies on it!I started a 3rd piece last night, but it's quite a bit larger, so it's going to take me a couple more days to get through it. I'll give ya a peek....
It's "prim," absolutely adorable, & from "By My Hand" which is a division of Country Stitches out of Storm Lake, Iowa. I have two hanging folders of her patterns, I love 'em so much. How could you not with a saying like this...Stay tuned...this little sweetheart just might become my first ever blog candy. Thanks for stopping by & have a great rest of your day!!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! How stinkin' cute are these!! Fabulous stitching designs girl!! You are very good!! :) HUGS

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

eeeeeewwwwww sorry for the yucky comments, Sis! What a bummer. But I don't mind a little moderating from you.........I'm sure you'll be gentle. LOL

Anywho.........now onto why I popped in here..........to comment on your embroidery. Love it all! Love the saying too. You always do such beautiful work.......your g'ma taught you well girl.

Luv ya!

charlene aka scrappygma said...

glad to see you are doing something to ease your heart and soul ! I love the little goodies you make !

Hugz~Dixie said...

Very cute. I could never get french knots to stay.

Nicole *Ü* said...

I love stitchery! I need to do more of it. I love too many crafts!! I'm wondering about using some of my line stamps to stamp on my muslin and stitch that way. Could work!!

Deb M. said...

Love your stitchery projects,GF! Too cute!! You make me (almost) want to get back into stitching & making penny rugs. haha! Maybe one day I will pick it back up...thanks for the inspiration. Beautiful work! TFS!!

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