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18 January 2010

*sigh* I got nuttin!

I've been so out of whack since the weekend, I completely forgot my KISS post yesterday (sorry gang!), and today with the kids home for the day, the last thing that I've felt like doing is being creative, even for a minute. I'd much rather crawl under a quilt and daydream...too bad they won't even let me do that!

Maybe tomorrow will be better...


Andrea said...

Hey gf. Sorry to hear you are not in typical crafting mode. Sending hugs your way.

BTW - I totally understand about the spam issue :)

Deb M. said...

Sorry that you are not feeling well...sending feel better hugs your way. I loved the photos you shared, they were amazing. What a beautiful gift from God you have to look out on each day. :-) Your son looks like he is going to be an artist...very talented. Take care & lots of huggies sweet friend.

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